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CamnSmart E27 Bulb Camera Outdoor and Indoor Use

CamnSmart E27 Bulb Camera Outdoor and Indoor Use

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Following description will help you know more about our product

1. Real 5MP / 4MP super clear lens displays a crystal clear smooth live video, you can keep an eye on your home anytime anywhere.

2. 355° rotation view, 4X zoom, cover every corner, no blind area

85° Lens angle, 270° horizontal, 90 ° Vertical rotation, 4X digital zoom. Remotely control in your app. See anywhere of your house as you wish.

Friendly APP interfaces offer you very pleasant and easy operation.

The camera supports standard Onvif protocol. It not only can be viewed from smart phone and internet browser, but also can be connected to the Onvif supported NVR system.

You can add a channel with this camera to your existing security system. (Kinldly note: a few NVR systems were inbeded with manufacturer's private protocol. This camera may not support or may not fully support with those NVRs.)

3. Smart Night Vision makes a colorful video at night.

This camera has three kinds of night vision modes. You can freely switch and control it in your cellphone app.

4. Smart auto tracing

Once it detects someone, camera will automatically follow the moving object and record it.

5. Smart Motion detection, alarm function will alert and it will send you an alarm message to your cellphone and your email.

6. Clear two way talk remotely no matter where you are.

7. Easy installation, just screw it like a bulb, no need break wall and no more screws.

8. Waterproof & Weatherproof,Protest the bad weather

9. One device, shared With all family. Support IOS, Android , cellphone and PC webpage view. You can add many cameras in 1 account.

10. Equipped with high performance WIFI module and antenna

Support 2.4GHz wifi.

11. Support max 128G Micro SD card & Cloud storage, view the playback anytime and anywhere.

12. Use AES 128-bit Encryption, Your Privacy Comes First

We offer AES 128-bit Encryption, it's officially recommended by many security agencies (including NSA). It's more than enough, it could take billions of years for a Brute Force attack to find a password to decrypt original message.

13. What is package included?

14. Ready Stock, ship fast. Some countries reach in 10days.

15. FAQ

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: All goods have been checked before dispatch. Warranty for 1 years, lifetime technical service.

Q: After-sales services ?
A: 1.All goods will be inspected and tested before shipment.
2.Customer's satisfactory is most important to us. If you have any problem or questions regarding our transaction, please contact our service freely.

Q:What's the camera's APP?
A:This camera use TuyaSmart or SmartLife APP. You can download it in APP Store, it can used in IOS& Andiod

Q: What's the weight of the camera?
A: it's 0.39kg

16. How to use SD card for memory

1). Because camera need to run for video stream. It require SD card with high speed reading and writing. So please use C10 (Class10) or higher speed SD card. U3 type will be preferable. (Note: Some old SD cards like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB just for storage or copy files use. They are not high speed writing & reading. Suggest to use latest 32G~128G high speed SD card.)
2). Before using the SD card, format the SD card on PC.
3). Disconnect electricity from camera. Then insert SD card into camera card slot. (Note: SD card must be put in camera before supplying power to camera. Otherwise, camera can not detect SD card.)
4). Supply power to camera again.
5). If your camera is already added on app, just wait about 2~3 minutes then refresh device list, camera will connect internet again. If your camera was not added on app, just follow the "Quick guide to connect Smart Camera" to add.
6). On app, get to Settings / Storage Settings, open Local Recording and select recording modes "Event Recording" or "Non-Stop recording".
7. For the first time to review playback on memory card, you need wait for about 15 minutes. Because it need time to process first video clip.

Note: If you buy camera with SD card from our store, we already put it inside the camera.

17. Following video tells how to add camera to app Tuya Smart account.

Thank you for selecting our smart camera, enjoy it!

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